Dahn Yoga: Dahnjon

When we refer to Dahn Jon, it means the lower Dahn Jon, which acts as the fuel tank that stores energy for circulation throughout the body. When your lower Dahn Jon becomes strengthened, the overall energy balance of your body will be restored, amplifying your natural healing power. You will exhibit more patience and drive, developing a stronger sense of self-confidence. When you practice meridian exercise, it is always recommended to focus on the lower Dahn Jon.

Deep breathing occurs naturally if we breathe with our awareness focused on our Dahn Jon. It is located roughly two inches below the navel and two inches inside the body, in the center of the abdomen.

As you do your breath work, focus your mind’s attention on this area of your body. Feel your lower abdomen rising when you breathe in and falling when you breahte out. Do this slowly and concentrate on your breathing. If this method seems difficult, place one hand on your lower abdomen and the other on your chest. As you breathe, feel the hand on your lower abdomen moving while the hand on your chest stays still. This approach is called abdominal breathing or Dahn Jon breathing at Dahn Yoga. If you take time to practice this daily, soon your mind will do it automatically — abdominal breathing will simply become part of how you breathe. One part of your mind will do this deep breathing while other parts of your mind focus on other things that allow you to move through your day.

Abdominal breathing is a perfect companion to meridian exercises. After relaxing your body through Dahn Yoga meridian exercises, perform abdominal breathing for about ten to twenty minutes. It will enhance your health dramatically.


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